A Simple Logic of Functional Dependence

Alexandru Baltag, Johan van Benthem
2021 Journal of Philosophical Logic  
AbstractThis paper presents a simple decidable logic of functional dependence LFD, based on an extension of classical propositional logic with dependence atoms plus dependence quantifiers treated as modalities, within the setting of generalized assignment semantics for first order logic. The expressive strength, complete proof calculus and meta-properties of LFD are explored. Various language extensions are presented as well, up to undecidable modal-style logics for independence and dynamic
more » ... cs of changing dependence models. Finally, more concrete settings for dependence are discussed: continuous dependence in topological models, linear dependence in vector spaces, and temporal dependence in dynamical systems and games.
doi:10.1007/s10992-020-09588-z fatcat:yt6oioavrrfkbkvbo3pfwgw3ja