Design Optimization of Plastic Injection Mould for Additive Manufacturing

Prasad Mastakar, Imran Bijoli, Rushikesh Mhatre, Chaitanya Sawant, Amol Mangrulkar
2020 Zenodo  
This research article aims to provide an overview of how an Additive Manufacturing (AM) mould can be optimize for its existing traditional designed with advanced design techniques like topology optimization, generative design, lattice structure and conformal cooling channels which shows the potential of these techniques in AM as compared to other traditional manufacturing techniques. Key publications from the past two decades have been reviewed. This study concludes that the AM technique plays
more » ... AM technique plays a dominant role in the manufacturing of mould with complicated structure which helps to improve the quality of final part and productivity. The outcome based on literature review and case study strongly suggested that in the near future, the AM method might become standard procedure in various manufacturing processes for fabrication of complex internal structure like conformal cooling channels and lattice structure in the mould. This article is beneficial to study the AM technique for development of the mould with conformal cooling channels and lattice structure and its applications in different AM manufacturing processes.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3931779 fatcat:qzceaboqdrbizfcwluip5e2l3u