Charged particle multiplicity in e+e− interactions at

P. Abreu, W. Adam, T. Adye, E. Agasi, I. Ajinenko, R. Aleksan, G.D. Alekseev, R. Alemany, P.P. Allport, S. Almehed, U. Amaldi, S. Amato (+539 others)
1996 Physics Letters B  
Charged particle multipicity in e+e-interactions at sqrt{s}=130 GeV Abreu, P.; Agasi, E.E.; Boudinov, E.; Hao, W.; Holthuizen, D.J.; Kluit, P.M.; Koene, B.K.S.; Merk, M.H.M.; Nieuwenhuizen, M.; Ruckstuhl, W.; Siccama, I.; Timmermans, J.J.M.; Toet, D.Z.; van Apeldoorn, G.W.; van Dam, P.H.A.; van Eldik, J.E. Abstract From the data collected by DELPHI at LEP in autumn 1995, the multiplicity of charged particles at a hadronic energy of 130 GeV has been measured to be (ah) = 23.84 f O.Sl(stat) f
more » ... (syst). When compared to lower energy data, the value measured is consistent with the evolution predicted by QCD with corrections at next-to-leading order, for a value ~~~(130GeV) =0.105f0.003(stat)f0.008(syst).
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(96)00134-7 fatcat:cf3oaui6drffdjj5dvqvzyhb4q