Effect of Leveler Type on Leveling Index, Grain Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Wheat in Khuzestan Province

Sh Andari-Dust, H Eskandari, M Chegeni
In most part of our country, field leveling is performed based on operator's skills resulted in imprecise leveling. Therefore utilizing new field leveling technologies is in high importance. In the current research, effects of two leveler types including conventional leveler and laser leveler were evaluated on leveling Index, leveling uniformity coefficient, grain yield and water use efficiency of wheat. The field experiment was conducted in 2008-2009 growing season in the North of Ahwaz.
more » ... rth of Ahwaz. Regarding the nature of experimental design, large plots were needed to determine the effects of inequality of field on evaluated factors. Thus the experiment was carried out by 14 plots of 10000 m 2 (seven replications for each treatment). However, every plot was divided into parts of 20 × 100 m 2 to determine the volume of irrigation water. The results showed that except gain yield, all factors were affected by the type of leveler where using laser leveler reduced the time needed for irrigation up to 35% suggesting the reducing water casualties. Leveling index and leveling uniformity coefficient were near to zero and one respectively, which showed the superiority of laser leveler in comparison with traditional leveler. Regarding evaluated technical factors, laser leveler can be recommended for field leveling.