Towards a Newer Toolbox for Computer Aided Polynomial Design of Sampled-Data Systems

Rudy Cepeda Gomez, Bernhard P. Lampe
2015 SNE Simulation Notes Europe  
This work presents recent steps taken in order to update the DIRECTSD toolbox for MATLAB. Thistoolbox realizes recently developed polynomial methods for the analysis and optimal design of sampled-datasystems. Once released, the version under development will be compatible with the newest versionsof MATLAB and includes the possibility of working with both SISO and MIMO systems. The text describesthe last published version, an interim version currently running and the updates planned for a future
more » ... lanned for a future stablerelease. Some usage examples obtained with the interim version are also presented.
doi:10.11128/ fatcat:clpvpvsxq5dnrdwlndoeby7p3u