Thermal conductivity of a polymide film between 4.2 and 300 K, with and without alumina particles as filler [report]

D L Rule, D R Smith, L L Sparks
1990 unpublished
The thermal conductivity of several types of a commercial poly imide specifically, polypyromellitimide: PPMI film was measured over a range of temperatures from 4.2 to 300 K using an unguarded steady-state parallel-plate apparatus. Specimens were made by stack ing multiple layers of film together. Conductive grease was used between layers of film to reduce thermal contact resistance. Two specimens were made from two different types of neat unadmixed film with a thickness of 76 pm, and three
more » ... imens were made from films containing two different amounts of admixed alumina filler and having thicknesses of 25 pm or 76 pm. The conductivity of FF111 film in * Kapton is a registered trademark for a proprietary PPMI film. Vespel and Kerimid are trademarks for polyimide resins used for castings or moldings. These particular FF111 products, as well as other products named
doi:10.6028/ fatcat:hh734lbo35gwzomyaykf3e5xei