Textural, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Döners Produced from Beef, Chicken and Ostrich Meat
Sığır, Tavuk ve Devekuşu Etinden Üretilmiş Dönerlerin Tekstürel, Kimyasal ve Duyusal Özellikleri

2013 Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi  
In this study, the chemical, textural and sensory properties of beef, chicken, or ostrich meat döners were compared. Ostrich döner samples had lower (P<0.0001) cholesterol content than beef or chicken döners but higher calorific values. It is observed that beef döners had higher (P<0.0001) Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF) than chicken and ostrich döners. According to the texture analyses results it is concluded that hardness measured by Texture Profile Analyzer was found to be a better
more » ... be a better predictor of sensory tenderness than WBSF. Panelists rated ostrich meat with highest point in terms of sensory properties. Ostrich döners had better overall acceptance than beef or chicken döners. Therefore it is concluded that ostrich döner can be taken into consideration as an alternative protein source to beef or chicken döners.
doi:10.9775/kvfd.2013.8613 fatcat:zaqx4zgvpjhodmt2ibj2gkujyi