Piezocone testing in Nordic soft clays: Comparison of high-quality databases [chapter]

M. D'Ignazio, B. Di Buò, T. Länsivaara, J.S. L'Heureux, P. Paniagua, J. Selänpää
2022 Cone Penetration Testing 2022  
Soft and sensitive clays are widespread in Scandinavia. Piezocone correlations for Norwe gian clays have been previously proposed based on high-quality block samples from several sites. Recently, a large database of Finnish soft clays was compiled by Tampere University from piezocone measurements as well as high-quality laboratory tests on specimens from large tube samples. Finnish and Norwegian clays exhibit some differences in terms of basic properties. Norwegian clays show lower water
more » ... , lower organic content, higher silt content and lower plasticity than the clays from Finland. This may be linked to the source of the materials, their depositional and post-depositional processes that in turn impact on the mechanical behaviour. This paper aims to compare piezocone Norwegian and Finnish data with focus on strength and stress history. The database trends are compared for relevant engineering parameters. The data and its variability are critically discussed considering differences in geological history, basic properties, sampling techniques and disturbance.
doi:10.1201/9781003308829-48 fatcat:wgizgqabrzfrdpecqksfgztyea