The content of polyphenols in fruit of highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) relating to different fertilizer application

Michal Medvecký, Ján Daniel, Alena Vollmannová, Stanislav Zupka, Miriama Kopernická
2015 Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences  
Keywords: cultivars, blueberry, polyphenol, organic fertilizer, mineral fertilizer INTRO DUCTIO N T he fruits of blueberries have very positive effects on the human body. Characteristic of these fruits are their bioactive properties. T hey are an important source of polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids, especially anthocyanins and having high antioxidant activity. On the content of bioactive substances affect several factors, such as environmental conditions, degree of ripeness, variety, method
more » ... storage and processing. Polyphenols and phenol compounds represent one of the most numerous and most represented groups of plant metabolites and form part of the human diet . T hey are products of secondary metabolism of plants (Mandelová, 2005) . Plant polyphenols are substances widespread in almost all plants, particularly in the leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, and in pathology departments, as well as in products of plant origin (honey, propolis, wine). One group of polyphenols includes a wide and diverse range of compounds -from simple phenolic acids to high polymerized tannins. More than 8.000 phenolic compounds are known, but only a few hundred are identified in the edible parts of plants (Timoracká et al., 2008) .
doi:10.15414/jmbfs.2015.4.special3.109-113 fatcat:jiu3i4djx5avjjgycxwobzznf4