Gaming Platform for Training on Bulgarian Traditional Costume

Detelin Luchev, Stanislava Slavova-Petkova, Maria Dimova
2014 Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage   unpublished
1 Introduction The use of digital technology in the humanities and social sciences indicates the needs of information servicing of research and training in these areas. The development and the use of new models and approaches for analysis, understanding and interpretation of cultural content delivery and display to new audiences in new ways through the development of new environments, applications, tools and services, is encouraged. The developed technologies and services should be built in the
more » ... context of research and education in the humanities and social sciences The studies are focused on appropriate methods and tools for innovative and multiple use of digital records by various users (scientists, students, children) for different purposes (research, education, curat-ing, entertainment, etc.). 2 Project "Pro-innovative Research on Bulgarian Traditional Costume" Bulgarian traditional costume as ethnographic and museological object can be seen as a complex and open system in which the elements and forms are located in various relationships and dynamic development in spatial, temporal and semantic level. Information technology development enables pro-innovative Bulgarian traditional costume education based on gamification. Including new approaches to research, description , access and representation of the object, it creates an opportunity for new results and development of scientific and educational process in scientific fields related to this object. Clothing such as a permanent and indispensable element of culture, offers reliable prospects for comprehensive representation of ethno-cultural diversity in its traditional and modern type. The development of digital environment for management of ethnographic content aims to enrich the methods and tool for research and education in ethnology, to optimize the performance of museum specialists and to create conditions for increasing the interest and access of children and students to a wealth of traditional Bulgarian costume.