The calculation of warping spools of warp-knitting machines

V.V. Chaban, B.F. Pipa
2014 Trudy Odesskogo Politehničeskogo Universiteta  
Introduction. One of the main ways for increasing warp-knitting machines efficiency is to reduce their downtime due to base thread recharge and to reduce dynamic loads caused by an unstable regime (starting, braking, etc.) [1...15]. That approach is implemented through increasing the section warp beams capacity determined by the amount of threads wound on the warp beam, as well as through the development of devices reducing the machinery mechanisms' dynamic loads. Literature review. Analysis of
more » ... review. Analysis of latest studies [7, 8, 12, 13] shows that most types of warping machines are equipped with standardized warping bobbins and therefore must allow winding the entire range of threads that can be processed. However, the practical experience shows that in some cases (such as when warping synthetic filament yarn of high numbers of synthetic zero-twist yarns) the bobbin destruction caused by the filaments pressure takes place. Therefore, the said yarns warping, the standardized bobbin capacity is not fully used. Despite the urgency of the problem in enhancing warping bobbins' efficiency, we still lack for rational methods of warping spools calculation. Aim of the Research. Given the urgency of warp knitting machines efficiency enhancing problem at the expense of warping spools increased efficiency, this research has been purposed to develop a method for calculating the sectional warping bobbins of warp-knitting machines. In solving this problem we used modern methods of theoretical studies based on the theory of elasticity and strength of mechanical systems. Main Body. The warping bobbins destruction (Fig. 1) does clearly indicate that while warping several conditions may occur creating a mode when the spools' strength does not correspond to the loads charged by threads warped. ISSN 2076-2429 (print) Праці Одеського політехнічного університету, 2014. Вип. 2(44) ISSN 2223-3814 (on line) МАШИНОБУДУВАННЯ. ТЕХНОЛОГІЯ МЕТАЛІВ. МАТЕРІАЛОЗНАВСТВО
doi:10.15276/opu.2.44.2014.13 fatcat:kswafcm2jrbmzlwv7tcqhyqyim