Smart Aquarium Water Quality Monitoring and Changing for Ornamental Fish Store using IoT through Data Mining

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Raising beautiful fish to live longer, the fish keeper needs to take care of the water quality of the fish that live in particular. The quality of the water may decrease all the time and cause fish to die in the end. This research presents a smart automatic water changing system for ornamental fish shops. It was developed with IoT devices in conjunction with sensors for measuring the indicators that affect water quality, including temperature, turbidity, total dissolved solids, the potential of
more » ... s, the potential of hydrogen ion, dissolved oxygen, and nitrate ion. The collected indicator data was processed in the data mining technique by using the Apriori algorithm to generate 18 association rules and the preset of system configuration that suitable for raising angelfish, goldfish, guppy, platy, and Sumatran tiger barb which are tropical fish in Thailand. The result shows that the developed system has the highest efficiency with the accuracy at 99.67% in an average mean. It can be said that the smart aquarium water quality monitoring and water changing is helping the fish keeper at the ornamental fish store at the highest level.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c6279.029320 fatcat:777zgjpkjvaifmh6dwi6wiarwu