P311 Association between choice of non-barrier contraceptive and condom use among FSWs in China: implications from a national cross-sectional study

Y Wang, K Dooley, W Zhang, K Smith, C Wang
2021 Poster presentations   unpublished
Results A representative sample of 520 individuals participated; average age was 36.8 years (SD 9.9), 40% were males and 66% had a Bachelor's degree or higher. The choice to test was most influenced by cost (free), followed by speed of results (in 14 days), delivery of results (via SMS), extra STI testing, appointment available (same day), and the least important was location of testing (private hospital). The choice to attend for management of chlamydia was most influenced by the attitude of
more » ... aff (not rude), followed by cost (free), who they consult (specialist), access to PDPT, travel time (less than 30 minutes) and the least important was treatment location (antibiotics sent to home). There was significant heterogeneity in preferences related to age, place of birth, those reporting more than one sexual partner in the preceding six months and gender. Conclusion To design effective chlamydia testing and management services, it is important to account for patient preferences. For people living in Hong Kong, cost and staff attitude were the most important factors for deciding whether to test or be managed for chlamydia, respectively.
doi:10.1136/sextrans-2021-sti.366 fatcat:o4hzw262qjfvragzph5hohuziq