Case of Ovarian Pregnancy

1835 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
twice a week, the surface of the ulcer was sprinkled over with calomel, and a dressing of simple cerate applied above it. In the space between the wound and the groin there was a considerable soreness of the integuments to ihe touch, which continued during ihe greatest violence of the effects of the accident, and then gradually subsided. The cicatrix is at this time, March 24th, entire ; but its surface is unusually scabrous, and has a much more livid aspect than that of similar scars left
more » ... lar scars left afler ihe infliction of burns from common causes. The dermis seems lo have been less perfectly regenerated than is usual from burns produced by ordinary means, and the circulation through the part is manifestly impeded, apparently in consequence of atony of its vessels, to an extent far beyond anything of a similar nature to be observed after common burns. Since the. wound has healed the health of the patienl has been as perfect as usual, and while the wound continued open, his ordinary occupations were interrupted by a week's confinement only to his chamber. The accident occurred on the fifth of January of the present year, the day intensely cold and the thermometer standing at only eight degrees above zero, sky clear and calm, and ihe barometrical admeasurement of the atmosphere being 29.248. Such is the history of the case of partial spontaneous combustion, which has recently occurred in this city. The facis have been slated as nearly as practicable in ihe words of ihe sufferer himself, and are consequently entitled to all the credit attributable to any statement of a similar character, which is or can be supplied by the annals of the profession. The character of the accident bears a striking similitude to the case of partial spontaneous combustion already noticed, and may hence, to future investigators, contribute not unimportant aid in the discussion of ihe subject which is ihe object of this essay. [Some of Dr. O.'s remarks on the causes of spontaneous combustion, will be given in a future number.]
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