Assessing High- and Low-Temperature Properties of Asphalt Pavements Incorporating Waste Oil Shale as an Alternative Material in Jilin Province, China

Yongchun Cheng, Wensheng Wang, Guojin Tan, Chenglin Shi
2018 Sustainability  
This study investigates the feasibility of recycling waste oil shale as an alternative material into asphalt pavements in Jilin province, China. The high-and low-temperature properties of asphalt materials play important roles for asphalt pavements in seasonal frozen regions. Laboratory experiments were conducted to analyze the high-and low-temperature properties of asphalt mastics and mixtures. Results indicated that adding oil shale ash (OSA) may lead asphalt to a softer consistency and less
more » ... emperature susceptibility. Also, OSA could improve high-temperature stability and enhance rutting resistance of asphalt materials, whereas the effect of OSA on low-temperature properties is insignificant by comparison. Moreover, the high-and low-temperature performances of asphalt mixtures were evaluated based on testing roads through rutting depth index, riding quality index, and indirect tensile strength test. It can be proved that the sustainable asphalt materials have better high-temperature stability and rutting resistance and also fulfill the requirements of low-temperature cracking resistance.
doi:10.3390/su10072179 fatcat:g2kvt2jztnhnppapocoqtyp2lm