Estimation of Equivalent Friction Angle and Cohesion of Near-Surface Rock Mass Using the Upper-Bound Solution for Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing
줄기초 지지력 상계해를 활용한 천부 암반의 등가마찰각과 등가점착력 산정

Youn-Kyou Lee
2015 Tunnel and Underground Space  
The generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion, the strength parameters of which are determined by using the GSI index, is an empirical nonlinear failure criterion of rock mass and has been widely employed in various rock engineering practices. Many rock engineering practitioners, however, are still familiar with the description of the strength of rock mass in terms of friction angle and cohesion. In addition, almost all rock mechanics softwares incorporate the simple linear Mohr-Coulomb
more » ... Therefore, it is necessary to provide a tool to implement the Hoek-Brown function in the framework of the Mohr-Coulomb criterion. In this study, the use of upper-bound solution of limit analysis for bearing capacity of a strip footing resting on the ground surface is proposed for the estimation of the equivalent friction angle and cohesion of rock mass incorporating the generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion. The upper-bound bearing capacity is expressed in terms of friction angle by use of the relationship between tangential friction angle and tangential cohesion implied in the generalized Hoek-Brown function. The friction angle minimizing the upper-bound bearing capacity is taken as the equivalent friction angle. Through the illustrative implementations of the proposed method, the influences of GSI,   and D on the equivalent friction angle and cohesion are investigated.
doi:10.7474/tus.2015.25.3.284 fatcat:xaemb5fo6rh63diqs4nj6jczcy