Simulation Study of a Power Electronic Transformer Based on Matrix Converter

Ansal Valappil, Parthiban Perumal
2014 2014 5th International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Modelling and Simulation  
A power electronic transformer (PET) is a direct AC/AC converter with a high frequency isolation. Various topologies of electronic PETs have been discussed in recent literatures. This paper is concentrated on the simulation study of an electronic transformer adopting matrix converter on either side of the high frequency isolation transformer. The industrial standard power system simulation package PSACD/EMTDC is used for the modeling of the PET. The PET described can convert a sinusoidal AC to
more » ... a sinusoidal AC to a lower or higher voltage and/or to a lower or higher frequency without DC link. Both the steady state and transient performance of the converter are carried out to assess the performance. The simulation results of the converter shows that the PET accomplishes high frequency isolation, bidirectional power flow, two stage power conversion, higher power density, controllable input source displacement power factor, and lower harmonic distortion on both input and output sides.
doi:10.1109/isms.2014.89 fatcat:wklwqvrqgrdr5jxnilnmvfb7fm