Topological Properties of few Poly Oxide, Poly Silicate, DOX and DSL Networks

F. Simonraj, A. George
2013 International Journal of Future Computer and Communication  
 Abstract-This paper deals with a new interconnection network motivated by molecular structure of a chemical compound SiO 4 . The different forms of silicate available in nature lead to the introduction of the (DSL) dominating silicate network. The first section deals with the introduction to (Resolving number) minimum metric dimension problems, and few related work about Silicate networks. The second section introduces and gives an account of the proof to the topological properties of
more » ... de, poly-silicate, dominating oxide (DOX), dominating silicate networks, and regular triangulene oxide network (RTOX). The third section deals with the drawing algorithm for dominating silicate network, and shown complete embedding of oxide, silicate network in to dominating oxide, dominating Silicate network respectively. The fourth section contains the proof of the minimum metric dimension of regular triangulene oxide network to be 2. Index Terms-Dominating oxide, dominating silicate, embedding, minimum metric dimension, mesh like architectures, poly-oxide, poly-silicate networks, topological properties.
doi:10.7763/ijfcc.2013.v2.128 fatcat:z4qqfjrk4jendohwldimkpu2oa