Design And Analysis Of Drum Brake………… DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF DRUM BRAKE

K Prakash, K Prakash1, M Mathivanan2, Manivel
With the increasing technological development in the area of motors, heavy duty vehicles have been suffering an increase in size and in load capacity. Vehicle brakes can generate different kinds of noises. Eliminating brake noise is a very big challenging issue in the automotive industry. Brakes generally develop large and sustained friction-induced oscillations, referred to brake squeal. This brake squeal is considered a serious operational braking problem in passenger cars and commercial
more » ... les. This paper involves an approach to discover the main causes of drum squeal occurrence using finite element methods (FEM). And Friction brakes are to decelerate a vehicle by transforming the kinetic energy of the Vehicle to heat, via friction, and dissipating that heat to the surroundings, which produces excessive heat on lining surface. This shows increase in frictional area will definitely reduce the load on brakes by sharing the energy of the vehicle .So the above factor is taken into account and finally reduction in inertia forces on rotating shaft by providing more frictional area is discussed on this project. A modal analysis of a prestressed structure will be performed to predict the onset of drum brake instability. The brake system model is based on the model information extracted from finite element models for individual brake components. To achieve this expanding shoe, is provided as per the design of the system developed with the aid of PRO-E modeling tool, when this entire system is analyzed by using FEA tool to determine the stress and frequencies developed in it.