Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the Future, MTI Report 12-31 Recommended Citation Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the Future MTI FOUNDER MTI BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Burford Furman, Sam Ellis, Lawrence Fabian, Peter Muller, Burford Furman, Sam Ellis, Lawrence Fabian, Peter, Hon Norman, Y Mineta
2014 unpublished
Research MTI works to provide policy-oriented research for all levels of government and the private sector to foster the development of optimum surface transportation systems. Research areas include: transportation security; planning and policy development; interrelationships among transportation, land use, and the environment; transportation finance; and collaborative labor-management relations. Certified Research Associates conduct the research. Certification requires an advanced degree,
more » ... ally a Ph.D., a record of academic publications, and professional references. Research projects culminate in a peer-reviewed publication, available both in hardcopy and on TransWeb, the MTI website ( Education The educational goal of the Institute is to provide graduate-level education to students seeking a career in the development and operation of surface transportation programs. MTI, through San José State University, offers an AACSB-accredited Master of Science in Transportation Management and a graduate Certificate in Transportation Management that serve to prepare the na-tion's transportation managers for the 21st century. The master's degree is the highest conferred by the California State University system. With the active assistance of the California Department of Transportation, MTI delivers its classes over a state-of-the-art videoconference network throughout the state of California and via webcasting beyond, allowing working transportation professionals to pursue an advanced degree regardless of their location. To meet the needs of employers seeking a diverse workforce, MTI's education program promotes enrollment to under-represented groups.