A Distributed QoS MAC Protocol for Wireless Mesh

Mathilde Benveniste
2008 2008 Second International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (sensorcomm 2008)  
Abundant hidden node collisions and correlated channel access due to multi-hop flows degrade QoS in wireless mesh networks. QoS in nearby WLANs operating on a single channel is also affected. We propose using wider contention windows for backoff to lower the risk of repeated hidden-node collisions, a spatial extension of the TXOP concept called 'express forwarding' to clear multi-hop flows sooner, and a new mechanism called 'express retransmission' to reduce collisions on retransmission.
more » ... ransmission. Simulation results show the potential benefit of the proposed enhancements and impact on fairness.
doi:10.1109/sensorcomm.2008.110 fatcat:ifytlugdkfcj7axtz6qjj7jc4a