P3-050: Multimodal treatment (Surgery and Radiofrequency Thermoablation) of pulmonary metastases

Salvatore Griffo, Giuseppe De Luca, Maurizio Romano, Marcellino Cicalese, Sergio Spiezia
2007 Journal of Thoracic Oncology  
S628 survival (LPFS) rate was 75.8% at median follow-up of 19 months, and 1-and 2-year LPFS was 93.8%, 73.2% respectively. Overall survival was relatively worse, 90.8% at 1 year and 51.9% at 2 year, because most of patients had a medical problem in lung or heart. While all patients developed grade 1 radiation pneumonitis within 3 months of SRS treatment, none developed symptomatic or serious late complications. Conclusions: The results demonstrate that fractionated SRS on consecutive days was
more » ... th effective and convenient for treating technically operable, but medically inoperable patients with early stage NSCLC. This treatment appears to offer comparable local disease control without serious complications.
doi:10.1097/01.jto.0000283807.63177.8f fatcat:zarxdinucvdd5gwwoviovnqtnq