Juan-juanların çöküşü ve dağılışı

2011 Türkoloji Dergisi  
Juan-Juans, the descendants of Mongol Donghus, are established a state by uniting some nomadic tribes between 4 th -6 th centuries. After Anaguey ascended the throne in 520, the indication of decline emerged because of inner conflict and aggression of neighboring states. The collapse of Juan-Juan state is accepted as one of the major event of Inner Asia. The major factors of collapse of Juan-Juan state are inner conflict and the aggression of Turkic state and Northern Tshi dynasty. Most of the
more » ... uan-Juan population was subjected to newly established Turkic state. Also Juan-Juans fused in small fractions to other Mongol and Turkic tribes like Khitan, Shi-wei, Hi and Uyghur. We consider that they are mentioned as Otuz Tatars and Tokuz Tatar in the Orkun inscription. Also we consider that the ones who * Dr., Moğolistan Bilim ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi Sosyal Teknoloji Okulu. Enkhbat AVIRMED 24 escaped to Shi-wei lands are Meng-wu Shi-weis. After Juan-Juan state collapsed, the Juan-Juan name was disappeared. This situation indicates that Juan-Juan name was only name of political alliance or state name.
doi:10.1501/trkol_0000000220 fatcat:mjblcb67qfckff6kkeg7yu4hp4