Object-Oriented Change Detection Method Based on Spectral–Spatial–Saliency Change Information and Fuzzy Integral Decision Fusion for HR Remote Sensing Images

Chuting Ge, Haiyong Ding, Inigo Molina, Yongjian He, Daifeng Peng
2022 Remote Sensing  
Spectral features in remote sensing images are extensively utilized to detect land cover changes. However, detection noise appearing in the changing maps due to the abundant spatial details in the high-resolution images makes it difficult to acquire an accurate interpretation result. In this paper, an object-oriented change detection approach is proposed which integrates spectral–spatial–saliency change information and fuzzy integral decision fusion for high-resolution remote sensing images
more » ... the purpose of eliminating the impact of detection noise. First, to reduce the influence of feature uncertainty, spectral feature change is generated by three independent methods, and spatial change information is obtained by spatial feature set construction and the optimal feature selection strategy. Secondly, the saliency change map of bi-temporal images is obtained with the co-saliency detection method to complement the insufficiency of image features. Then, the image objects are acquired by multi-scale segmentation based on the staking images. Finally, different pixel-level image change information and the segmentation result are fused using the fuzzy integral decision theory to determine the object change probability. Three high-resolution remote sensing image datasets and three comparative experiments were carried out to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm. Spectral–spatial–saliency change information was found to play a major role in the change detection of high-resolution remote sensing images, and the fuzzy integral decision strategy was found to effectively obtain reliable changed objects to improve the accuracy and robustness of change detection.
doi:10.3390/rs14143297 fatcat:apvhgkze5bfznicypzaxj2lnfe