Using Ahmed's Gonioimplant Valve to Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma in Two Dogs

Hamidreza Fattahian, Hooman Molookpour, Dvm Mohyeddin, Alireza Hoseinzadeh, H Fattahian
Case Description-An eleven-year-old Golden retriever male dog (dog I) and a four-year-old neutered Toy Terrier (dog II) were referred to Small Animal Clinic. Dog I was suffered from partial loss of vision and engorgement of episcleral vessels of his right eye and dog II was blind. Intraocular pressure (IOP) of right eye was 37.8 mmHg in dog I and 34.5 and 31.6 mmHg in the right and left eye of dog II that measured by SchiØtz tonometer, respectively. Treatment and Outcome-Medical treatment was
more » ... arted to reduce ciliary body secretions and increase drainage. On day 3, surgical treatment were carried out using of Ahmed's gonioimplant valve AGV S2 and AGV FP7 in right eye of dog I and II, respectively. Post-operative care was carried out with topical and systemic anti-glaucoma, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs. Intraocular pressure was dropped into normal level the day after surgery in both dogs. Clinical Relevance-Authors hope that clinicians examined eyes and be awared strictly about glucoma and consider suitable immediate medical therapy because of preserving and maintaining vision of eye. Moreover operation using of valved gonioimplant (Ahmed's valve) is preferable for long-term treatment of glaucomatous cases with anti-glaucoma drugs.