General Considerations [chapter]

1959 Hypersonic Flow Theory  
General Considerations 1 H NMR spectra were recorded in CDCl 3 on a Bruker AM300 at 25!C. Chemical shifts were expressed in ppm with TMS as an internal standard (" = 0 ppm) for 1 H NMR. Liquid chromatographic analyses were conducted on a JASCO 1580 system. EI Mass spectra were obtained on a HP5989A spectrometer. HRMS was determined on a Kratos Concept instrument. Elemental analysis was performed with an Elemental VARIO EL apparatus. All the experiments which are sensitive to moisture or air
more » ... moisture or air were carried out under argon atmosphere using standard Schlenk techniques. Commercial reagents were used as received without further purification unless otherwise noted. Toluene was freshly distilled from sodium benzophenone ketyl and methanol from magnesium.
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