Incremental Integration Algorithm based on Incremental RLID3

Hongbin Wang
2019 International Journal of Performability Engineering  
In the research process of ID3 algorithm, some deficiencies were found. RLID3 algorithm is on the improvement of ID3 algorithm in terms of the number of leaf nodes. RLID3 algorithm uses ensemble learning method to integrate multiple incremental RLID3 model and the predictive ability of the algorithm is further improved. Incre_RLID3 is an incremental learning algorithm that is based on a decision tree constructed by RLID3. It adjusts construction of the tree using incremental data set. The goal
more » ... f this algorithm is to use the new data on the basis of the original decision tree. In order to further improve the accuracy of the algorithm, this paper proposes an ensemble algorithm PAR_WT. The basic idea of this algorithm is to use the data set to generate multiple RLID3 decision tree. Then, the test samples are classified by each decision tree. Finally, combined with the PAR_WT algorithm and Incre_RLID3 algorithm, an incremental ensemble algorithm Incre_RLID3_ENM algorithm with incremental learning ability is obtained.
doi:10.23940/ijpe.19.01.p25.252260 fatcat:447gimrdavg2taz4yzllwtdjum