A Bluetooth scatternet-route structure for multihop ad hoc networks

Yong Liu, M.J. Lee, T.N. Saadawi
2003 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
Bluetooth scatternets, integrating polling, and frequency hopping spread-sprectrum in their medium access control protocol, provide a contention-free environment for Bluetooth devices to access the medium and communicate over multihop links. Currently, most available scatternet formation protocols tend to interconnect all Bluetooth devices at the initial network startup stage and maintain all Bluetooth links thereafter. Instead of this "big scatternet" approach, we propose a scatternet-route
more » ... ucture to combine the scatternet formation with on-demand routing, thus eliminating unnecessary link and route maintenances. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first effort to address on-demand scatternet formation with every detail. We introduce an extended ID (EID) connectionless broadcast scheme, which, compared with original Bluetooth broadcast mechanism, achieves very much shortened route discovery delay. We also propose to synchronize the piconets along each scatternet route to remove piconet switch overhead and obtain even better channel utilization. Furthermore, we present a route-based scatternet scheduling scheme to enable fair and efficient packet transmissions over scatternet routes. Network performance analysis and simulations show that scatternet routes can provide multihop wireless channels with high network utilization and extremely stable throughput, being especially useful in the transmission of large batches of packets and real time data in wireless environment. Index Terms-Ad hoc networks, medium access control, on-demand routing, scatternet formation, scatternet scheduling.
doi:10.1109/jsac.2002.807338 fatcat:a3p4sjwf2vbfvm4raelcbht26q