LEUNG Ping Chung
2020 International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology  
Traditional Indian Medicine Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are the oldest systems of health care: the former mastering 5000 years of documentations, the latter at least 3000 years. All ancient medicine has strong philosophical background and management varieties related to manual activities. Indeed Ayurveda is strongly linked with Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine with activities related to Martial art and Acupuncture. It is a common belief that in the United States, before Yoga
more » ... as popularly practiced, Ayurveda was hardly known. As for Chinese medicine, acupuncture has been taken as the hawmark. Medicinal herbs which actually form the main core of treatment in Chinese medicine, was virtually unknown outside China. Actually, there is a broad background behind which the emerging popularity gradually develops. Firstly, there is the disillusion about the exaggerated trust over modern medicine. But it is becoming clear that degenerative diseases and in some other situations like cancer treatment could be so complicated that causative factors are multiple, unclear and would remain obscure. Trying to remove or control the unknown factors cannot rely on known targets. Modern medicine, in the current context, therefore, can not be perfect. Secondly, self-care is becoming more and more important. This paper recommends a methodology of research on the traditional practice of clinical care with the aim of achieving biological and clinical evidences, when herbal items are used. Suggestions are also given for a closer collaboration between the two traditional practices with different origins
doi:10.29111/ijlrst-2010-11010 fatcat:xcjuuppf3zd7pbwfqvrrjeasmq