Expression EEG Multimodal Emotion Recognition Method Based on the Bidirectional LSTM and Attention Mechanism

Yifeng Zhao, Deyun Chen, Kaijian Xia
2021 Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine  
Due to the complexity of human emotions, there are some similarities between different emotion features. The existing emotion recognition method has the problems of difficulty of character extraction and low accuracy, so the bidirectional LSTM and attention mechanism based on the expression EEG multimodal emotion recognition method are proposed. Firstly, facial expression features are extracted based on the bilinear convolution network (BCN), and EEG signals are transformed into three groups of
more » ... frequency band image sequences, and BCN is used to fuse the image features to obtain the multimodal emotion features of expression EEG. Then, through the LSTM with the attention mechanism, important data is extracted in the process of timing modeling, which effectively avoids the randomness or blindness of sampling methods. Finally, a feature fusion network with a three-layer bidirectional LSTM structure is designed to fuse the expression and EEG features, which is helpful to improve the accuracy of emotion recognition. On the MAHNOB-HCI and DEAP datasets, the proposed method is tested based on the MATLAB simulation platform. Experimental results show that the attention mechanism can enhance the visual effect of the image, and compared with other methods, the proposed method can extract emotion features from expressions and EEG signals more effectively, and the accuracy of emotion recognition is higher.
doi:10.1155/2021/9967592 pmid:34055043 pmcid:PMC8131147 fatcat:aj5tuzic6bgtjlbgh4v7uspfii