KASAM: Spline Additive Models for Function Approximation [article]

Heinrich van Deventer, Pieter Janse van Rensburg, Anna Bosman
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Neural networks have been criticised for their inability to perform continual learning due to catastrophic forgetting and rapid unlearning of a past concept when a new concept is introduced. Catastrophic forgetting can be alleviated by specifically designed models and training techniques. This paper outlines a novel Spline Additive Model (SAM). SAM exhibits intrinsic memory retention with sufficient expressive power for many practical tasks, but is not a universal function approximator. SAM is
more » ... xtended with the Kolmogorov-Arnold representation theorem to a novel universal function approximator, called the Kolmogorov-Arnold Spline Additive Model - KASAM. The memory retention, expressive power and limitations of SAM and KASAM are illustrated analytically and empirically. SAM exhibited robust but imperfect memory retention, with small regions of overlapping interference in sequential learning tasks. KASAM exhibited greater susceptibility to catastrophic forgetting. KASAM in combination with pseudo-rehearsal training techniques exhibited superior performance in regression tasks and memory retention.
arXiv:2205.06376v1 fatcat:zerqstbo6rfghdabzplgjss4oi