The soil inorganic phosphorus distribution of vegetation-growing concrete substrate in the disturbed engineering area

Xin Ma, Wennian Xu, Zhenyao Xia, Yajing Wang, Shifeng Guan, Linlin Zhang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials, Environmental and Biological Engineering   unpublished
Abstract:This work presents the field and experimental studies conducted in China Three Gorges University, Yichang City, Hubei Province that reveal the distribution of inorganic phosphorus in four vegetation concrete samples and one natural forest sample. Several results of these studies have general application and include the following: (1) The total content of phosphorus in the five sample soil is 880~4,870 mg/kg. (2) The phosphorus content of seat earth from all samples is all greater than
more » ... hat of topsoil and the content of total inorganic phosphorus is 258.194~1,591.084 mg/kg, which accounts for 18.809%~38.364% of total phosphorus. (3) The contents of inorganic phosphorus in four forms are orderly: Ca-P>O-P>Al-P>water-soluble P, and the content of Ca-P reaches 230.76~579.85 mg/kg. For the fact that the five slopes restored in the disturbed area of China Three Gorges University, the contents of water-soluble P, Al-P, O-P, Ca-P in the vegetation concrete soil are greater than that in the natural forest. This means that the content of P in the soil restored by manpower is higher than that in the natural forest, but the P contents in topsoil is lower than that in the seat earth at the same site caused by natural weathering, vegetation destruction and other problems.
doi:10.2991/mebe-15.2015.100 fatcat:c2jxlvmkfjdtrnjonoj5cx3vsu