Induction of penicillin-binding proteins under catabolite-repressed conditions

C E Buchanan
1985 Journal of Bacteriology  
Decoyinine, an inhibitor of GMP synthetase, was used to induce sporulation under catabolite-repressed conditions in Bacilus subtilis. Sporulation-specific penicillin-binding proteins 4* and 5* were produced in abundance, and there was an increase in vegetative penicillin-binding proteins 2B and 3. These results, which were completely blocked by addition of guanosine, suggest that synthesis of penicillin-binding proteins is neither catabolite repressed nor directly dependent on the stringent response.
doi:10.1128/jb.162.3.1302-1303.1985 fatcat:cxs57kmikfgnvlyror26ju2nty