A 3D-2D AGILD EM Modeling and Inversion Imaging

Jianhua Li, Ganquan Xie, Michael Oristaglio, Lee Xie, Feng Xie
2007 PIERS Online  
In this paper, we propose a 3D-2D Advanced Global Integral and Local Differential (AGILD) Electromagnetic (EM) modeling and inversion imaging algorithm in the cylindrical coordinate system. Transmitting sources are excited in the center hole and the EM field datas are received in many surrounded receiver holes. We use the 3D AGILD EM inversion and the above data configuration to make the multiple holes' image. Our algorithm is called as the 3D-2D AGILD EM modeling and inversion imaging. This
more » ... orithm effectively reduces the computational cost of the full 3D nonlinear inversion and increases the resolution of the 2D inversion. The multiple 2D cross holes' inversion iteration are developed. 3D AGILD EM modeling method reduces matrix solving cost and eliminates the error reflection on the artificial boundary. The 3D-2D AGILD EM inversion reduces the 3D inversion ill posed and the 3D full matrix solving cost. Many synthetic data inversion tests show that the 3D-2D multiple cross holes inversion can obtain high resolution image. Our 3D-2D AGILD EM modeling and inversion imaging method will be useful for oil exploration, earthquake exploration, geophysical engineering, environment characteristic monitoring, nondestructive testing, medical imaging, and material and nanometer materials sciences and engineering.
doi:10.2529/piers060907233117 fatcat:4udk5w7yyncnhgpqv4njdcuz2e