Reachability Analysis for Spatial Concurrent Constraint Systems with Extrusion [article]

Miguel Romero, Camilo Rocha
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Spatial concurrent constraint programming (SCCP) is an algebraic model of spatial modalities in constrained-based process calculi; it can be used to reason about spatial information distributed among the agents of a system. This work presents an executable rewriting logic semantics of SCCP with extrusion (i.e., process mobility) that uses rewriting modulo SMT, a novel technique that combines the power of term rewriting, matching algorithms, and SMT-solving. In this setting, constraints are
more » ... ed as formulas in a theory with a satisfaction relation decided by an SMT solver, while the topology of the spatial hierarchy is encoded as part of the term structure of symbolic states. By being executable, the rewriting logic specification offers support for the inherent symbolic and challenging task of reachability analysis in the constrained-based model. The approach is illustrated with examples about the automatic verification of fault-tolerance, consistency, and privacy in distributed spatial and hierarchical systems.
arXiv:1805.07434v1 fatcat:trtncfvnkvdpni2f6vzqnruiyi