Remote Sensing of Secchi Depth in Highly Turbid Lake Waters and Its Application with MERIS Data

Xiaohan Liu, Zhongping Lee, Yunlin Zhang, Junfang Lin, Kun Shi, Yongqiang Zhou, Boqiang Qin, Zhaohua Sun
2019 Remote Sensing  
The Secchi disk depth (ZSD, m) has been used globally for many decades to represent water clarity and an index of water quality and eutrophication. In recent studies, a new theory and model were developed for ZSD, which enabled its semi-analytical remote sensing from the measurement of water color. Although excellent performance was reported for measurements in both oceanic and coastal waters, its reliability for highly turbid inland waters is still unknown. In this study, we extend this model
more » ... nd its evaluation to such environments. In particular, because the accuracy of the inherent optical properties (IOPs) derived from remote sensing reflectance (Rrs, sr−1) plays a key role in determining the reliability of estimated ZSD, we first evaluated a few quasi-analytical algorithms (QAA) specifically tuned for turbid inland waters and determined the one (QAATI) that performed the best in such environments. For the absorption coefficient at 443 nm (a(443), m−1) ranging from ~0.2 to 12.5 m−1, it is found that the QAATI-derived absorption coefficients agree well with field measurements (r2 > 0.85, and mean absolute percentage difference (MAPD) smaller than ~39%). Furthermore, with QAATI-derived IOPs, the MAPD was less than 25% between the estimated and field-measured ZSD (r2 > 0.67, ZSD in a range of 0.1–1.7 m). Furthermore, using matchup data between Rrs from the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) and in-situ ZSD, a similar performance in the estimation of ZSD from remote sensing was obtained (r2 = 0.73, MAPD = 37%, ZSD in a range of 0.1–0.9 m). Based on such performances, we are confident to apply the ZSD remote sensing scheme to MERIS measurements to characterize the spatial and temporal variations of ZSD in Lake Taihu during the period of 2003–2011.
doi:10.3390/rs11192226 fatcat:y74254mqcna2dcrj6lcarycsdi