Degradation of Ultra-Thin Gate Oxide NMOSFETs under CVDT and SHE Stresses

Hu Shi-Gang, Cao Yan-Rong, Hao Yue, Ma Xiao-Hua, Chen Chi, Wu Xiao-Feng, Zhou Qing-Jun
2008 Chinese Physics Letters  
Degradation of device under substrate hot-electron (SHE) and constant voltage direct-tunnelling (CVDT) stresses are studied using NMOSFET with 1.4-nm gate oxides. The degradation of device parameters and the degradation of the stress induced leakage current (SILC) under these two stresses are reported. The emphasis of this paper is on SILC and breakdown of ultra-thin-gate-oxide under these two stresses. SILC increases with stress time and several soft breakdown events occur during
more » ... uring direct-tunnelling (DT) stress. During SHE stress, SILC firstly decreases with stress time and suddenly jumps to a high level, and no soft breakdown event is observed. For DT injection, the positive hole trapped in the oxide and hole direct-tunnelling play important roles in the breakdown. For SHE injection, it is because injected hot electrons accelerate the formation of defects and these defects formed by hot electrons induce breakdown. HU Shi-Gang et al. Vol. 25
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/25/11/074 fatcat:j5rxfagnuvanrfvzyfrmerkjfe