Research on the Developmental Trend of Computer Music Technology under the Background of Multi-channel Stereo Recording

Mou Xin
2016 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of the computer music technology under the background of multi-channel stereo recording. Surround sound is not only used in the film, home theater, also penetrated the digital TV and digital broadcasting. But because of the limitation of storage media capacity and transmission bandwidth must use all kinds of that audio compression technology to transmit audio data. As a more general and more practical significance, as masking and by
more » ... asking sound are not limited to their respective resend by a single speaker, but in different proportion to their respective channel sound level is poor. To deal with this issue, this paper integrates the signal denoising method as the optimization and achieves better performance. Trend. through the device handle and device ID to be distinguish as low-level audio services includes the following content: (1) the query audio equipment; (2) the opening and closing device driver; (3) distribution and preparation of audio data block; (4) management audio data block; (5) apply MMTIME structure; (6) Handle errors. In this system, in order to complete the multichannel audio no distortion of acquisition and playback, the audio data buffer allocation and management plays a decisive role. For each input channel and output channel (recording) (replay) assigned separate buffer, which uses double buffer, double buffer technique is to use two kinds of buffer to ensure real-time digital audio processing need a way. In addition, for multichannel audio capture and broadcast not only need to obtain input/output channels of buffer management, but also set up a public buffer to meet the needs of the multi-channel audio switch. And the element information could be summarized as the follows. Listen to the audio output channel: 1 road stereo analog or digital output channels; Audio file formats: mpeg-1 LayerII (MP2), WAV. Sampling frequency: 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz; Bit rate/bit rate: 8 bit and 16 bit; Compression rate: 32 KB/s, 64 KB/s, and 128 KB/s, and 128 KB/s. The network interface: 10/100 RJ45 m Ethernet front-end ports; Maximum input level: + 22 db z + 24 V/db zV. Input impedance: > 20 k fat; Frequency response: 20 hz 20 KHZ: in accordance with 0.2 dB; WMA codec Profile has the following three categories: WMA standard, WMA professional, WMA Lossless. WMA standard maximum two channels of audio data, WMA professional and that Lossless supreme will support to the 8 channels. More channels are the presence of multiple output configuration problems that still in 5.1 in this passage illustrates Microsoft Multimedia multi-channel audio data configuration standards. The Electronic Music Developmental Trend. As a branch of modern music of electronic music, its spatial thinking by other than electronic music types of spatial thinking in modern music, and relying on the advantage of technology, such as multichannel recording and playback system, etc., on the basis of the spatial thinking in the electronic music, will expand and extend them, the static sound space stereo feeling, constitute a multidimensional the static stereo space, the space of the dynamic motion way is rich, constitute a variety of dynamic movement space. So, in the development process of the exploration as has formed two major spatial thinking in electronic music: static spatial thinking multi-dimensional thinking and dynamic movement. With the integration of the Chinese feature, we can then summarize the corresponding features in China as the follows.  Combined with aesthetics and art. Chinese ancient culture, the ideology of Confucianism, Taoism and legalism, "and" aesthetic point of view. The extensive and profound Chinese poetry, of early Chinese music and poetry together, all reflect the aesthetic feeling of flow.  The nationality of electronic music. The Chinese nation's long history, in the music creation constantly showing national characteristics and advantages, it is not hard to find, in China a lot of electronic works reflect the national character.  Network to promote the development of electronic music innovation, that fast information communication let creators have broader shared resources.
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/isetem2016/4369 fatcat:kcjoqx67h5cd7fegoosd5lxkiq