XLII.—Description of a new cornuted species of Cetoniidæ from North-eastern India

J. Wood-Mason
1881 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Mr. J. Wood-lV[ason on a new Species of Cetoniida~. 411 the disk ; the anterior angles are moderately prominent and acute ; the sides are distinctly margined, broadly so in front, as if impressed above the anterior angles ; rectilinear, except near the anterior angles, where they are gently arcuate. Tho elytra are less convex, rather more straight at the sides; the stri~e are scarcely so well marked ; and the punctuation of the interstices is finer. The legs are very long, pitchy. tlab. :Pekin. B.M.
doi:10.1080/00222938109459540 fatcat:lqi3wn3npzh3xbyt6ljtufcv3m