Vrana Shopha - An Ayurvedic Perspective

Santhosh Kumar S, Channabasavanna B. M., Mallikarjun .
2017 Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences (JAIMS)  
Father of Surgery, Acharya Sushruta had complete knowledge of Vrana (wound) and their management along with its untimely and untreated complication. The Vrana Shopha is described as earlier phase of Vrana. Sushruta has mentioned in detail about Vrana Shopha. Vrana Shopha has 3 progressive stages. These are Amawastha (just early stage of inflammatory process), Pachyamanawastha (true inflammatory stage) and Pakwawastha (suppurative stage) respectively. Based on the vitiation of Dosha, Sushruta
more » ... Dosha, Sushruta has described Vrana Shopha into 6 types: Vatika, Paittika, Kaphaja, Shonita, Sannipattaja and Agantuja. Acharya has differentiated them based on their Laxanas, such as colour, pain etc. Shatkriyakala was explained for the first time in this context by Sushruta. Sixty procedures for management of Vrana Shopha and Vrana was told by Sushruta. Out of these Apatarpana to Virechana were mentioned for Vrana Shopha and rest for Vrana. Knowledge about Vrana Shopha can prevent from further damage to the body .
doi:10.21760/jaims.v2i2.7733 fatcat:vvlmb3qie5ccbcn2o7okrldrre