Roller Compacted Concrete for M30

Durga Student, K Prudhvi
Roller compacted concrete for paving is a construction technique that uses zero-slump concrete. This type of concrete is transported, placed, distributed and finally compacted using heavy road-construction equipments. In conventional concrete construction, a minimum quantity of free water is needed for a specified workability that reaches the strength and durability of the concrete. However, in Roller compacted concrete works, the free water content is determined by the field condition. The
more » ... condition. The conditions on the field usually depend on parameters such as the ease of compaction, the process, and the ability of the concrete paste to support the vibrating roller without collapsing or bearing any imprint. Roller compacted concrete for pavements is placed without form, finishing, or surface texturing. Therefore, large quantities of RCC can be placed with minimum cost, compared with conventional concrete.