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Dmitry V. Dmitrienko, Alexandr A. Chertkov, Sergei V. Saburov
2017 Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S O Makarova  
The problem of increasing the efficiency of diesel-generator units (DGA) for various purposes and energy systems of water transport, running on fuel of various sorts, as well as with alternative and renewable sources of electricity, is determined by the untapped reserves and opportunities for new energy-efficient solutions for institutional and technical levels using computer technology and numerical methods of energy conservation. Since energy facilities to a greater or lesser extent, have a
more » ... gative impact on the environment Wednesday, their work required to optimize in view of the operation of each power grid in different operating conditions. The complexity of the optimization problem is that its decision should be implemented when significant differences in technical, economic and sensitive characteristics of individual elements of the system, and an analytical description of the difficult in cases of high dimension power grid with regulators for various purposes and extent. The algorithm is cost-effective modes of the grid by the distribution of active power between generating sources of electricity using the incremental characteristics of the object class with the expenditure characteristics of the approximated quadratic polynomials. In contrast to existing methods of defining and measuring the minimum consumption of conventional fuel per unit of electricity generated, the proposed algorithm for optimal power allocation in terms of technological limitations is determined by constructing incremental characteristics, based on which work out solutions for each generator as a function of the power consumed by the network. The solutions are piecewise linear functions that allows to embed the algorithm, the elements of fuzzy logic and, in particular, the trapezoidal membership function, which contributes to simplification of computation. Examples, confirming the correctness and efficiency of algorithm. For citation: Dmitrienko, Dmitry. V., Alexandr A. Chertkov, and Sergei V. Saburov. "The algorithm of a formance gain of electroenergy systems for water transport using fuzzy logic." Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S. O. Makarova 9.2 (2017): 422-431.
doi:10.21821/2309-5180-2017-9-2-422-431 fatcat:ajvfo37z65hfricca36hanz3mi