1990 Ankara Üniversitesi Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi Dergisi  
Adolescence is a critical stage of life. In a broad sense adolescence is a time that refers to biological, psychological and social changes. It is classified into three phases.: Early, middle and late adolescence. Each phase has it's own developmental task which has to be successfully mas tered in order to attain a mature identity. The purpose of this study is to gather various characteristics of middle and late adolescence, using the Rorschach test. The study sample consist of 100 normal
more » ... ts aged 15-17 and 18-20 who respectively represent the middle and late adoles cent phases. Each age group consisted of 25 girls and 25 boys, a total of 50 subjects. All of the subjects were given a Rorschach test and a ques tionnaire for demographic information. Testing and Scoring of the test is based upon S, Beck's system. Student's T and Fisher's Exact Khi Square were used for statistical analyses. Results are compared to those which have been derived from previous studies and discussed in the light of related findings. According to the Rorschach results, sexual differen ces were of significant importance. In this study, differences between sexes is stressed when considering transition to adulthood and maturity. GİRİŞ VE AMAÇ Ergenlik, çocukluk ve erişkinlik arasında yer alan ve oldukça uzun süren bir dönemdir. Bu dönemde göze çarpan ve herkesin kolaylıkla tanımlayabüeceği tutum ve davranışları, dürtülerde kabarma, aşırı du-
doi:10.1501/dtcfder_0000000805 fatcat:gpgupihx4zgshhvzbcgih24w3i