7th Grade Students' Understandings of Negative Integer

Alattin Ural
2016 Journal of Studies in Education  
<p>The aim of the research is to determine 7<sup>th</sup> grade students' understandings relating the concept of negative integer. For this purpose, a total of 100 7<sup>th</sup> grade students who were selected randomly from 4 middle school in Burdur centre were asked those two questions: "what do negative integers mean, where do they use", "write a problem appropriate for the expression of "+3-7=-4". The research is a qualitative research and the model is general scanning model. Descriptive
more » ... odel. Descriptive analysis was conducted in analysis of the data. The students' responses were tried to be given directly and presented categorically. The students indicated commonly the contexts of "temperature below 0 degree", altitude below sea level (minus elevation)" and "debt" as usage areas of the negative integers. 38% of the students couldn't give any example for usage areas of the negative integers. 22% of the students couldn't write a problem appropriate for the given expression. These students indicated inappropriate context or inappropriate problem mathematically. 45% of the students didn't write any problem. As a result, 67% of the students couldn't write an appropriate problem. 33% of the students could write problems that are considered as appropriate. These students used commonly the contexts of "dept, dept owed, lose money".</p>
doi:10.5296/jse.v6i2.9075 fatcat:4pp3hdcxvzcnvcmuhab4mztl3y