Konzept einer agentenbasierten Transportsteuerung für komplexe, dynamische und multimodale Logistiknetzwerke

Heiko Jung
Transports within industrial logistics networks are planned strategically. For example, in the automotive industry the sequence of the different necessary transport sections, the modes of transport and time-related parameters are preplanned. Due to the existence of uncertainties an operational control of transports is necessary. Relevant uncertainties are for example the varying transport times, the varying point of times and amounts of the supply and demand of goods. Therefore, dispatchers of
more » ... he original equipment manufacturer, the suppliers and the logistics service providers are necessary. Thereby, the dispatchers are not adequately supported as neither suitable methods nor suitable tools are available. By contrast, dispatchers fulfill their tasks with simple auxiliaries like traffic light logics.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000050698 fatcat:ocz2coptizhhhp5ihjqggkrnwi