Äthiopien: Zwischen ökonomischem Wachstum und ethnischen Konflikten [report]

Reimer Gronemeyer, Jonas Metzger, Newerla, Andrea (Hrsg.), Universitätsbibliothek Gießen
conditio humana |Nr. 03 'Communication' and 'participation', two meaningful concepts related to adaptation to changing environments and climate change Only if people can meet on equal grounds of understanding and interpretation as well as in freedom to articulate their voice they can realize true communication and, in consequence, true participation. The argument links the here focal perspective of 'communication' with the democratic ideal of participation. People can only participate in
more » ... mental or climate change adaptation, if they move on common grounds of understanding and interpretation. There is no meaning in a message except what people put into it. Because of this reason, climate change adaptation initiatives should take care of common grounds of understanding! Furthermore, to understand human
doi:10.22029/jlupub-1992 fatcat:scryifktmfggxazie6jtcd6vny