Superior Perilimbal Epitheliopathy in Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

Kathrin Rac, Graham A. Lee, Stephen J. Vincent
2015 Cornea  
diamond burr superficial keratectomy ABSTRACT Purpose: To highlight the finding of occult areas of poor epithelial adhesion in the superior perilimbal cornea in a minority of patients with recalcitrant recurrent corneal erosion syndrome presenting with corneal erosion elsewhere on the corneal surface. Patient population: 31 eyes of 31 consecutive patients with corneal erosion undergoing mechanical debridement of the epithelium prior to diamond burr keratectomy for recurrent corneal erosion.
more » ... ods: Determine the location and incidence of poor epithelial adhesion distant from the initial erosion by use of mechanical debridement with a dry microsponge. Results: During debridement, 8 of 31 eyes (25.8%) displayed a large arcuate area of occult dysfunction of adhesion in the superior perilimbal area. None of these patients showed recurrence over a mean of 18 month after diamond burr keratectomy (95% confidence interval 0-36.9%). Conclusion: Mechanical debridement with a microsponge identified a significant minority of patients with poor adhesion in the superior perilimbal cornea away from the area of obvious erosion and increased the target area for diamond burr keratectomy. This two pronged approach allowed successful management of this group.
doi:10.1097/ico.0000000000000545 pmid:26203756 fatcat:dn6qv5chsbgytms6iip5khxdfe