Synchronization in phase-coupled Kuramoto oscillator networks with axonal delay and synaptic plasticity

L. Timms, L. Q. English
2014 Physical Review E  
We explore both analytically and numerically an ensemble of coupled phase-oscillators governed by a Kuramoto-type system of differential equations. However, we have included the effects of time-delay (due to finite signal-propagation speeds) and network plasticity (via dynamic coupling constants) inspired by the Hebbian learning rule in neuroscience. When time-delay and learning effects combine, novel synchronization phenomena are observed. We investigate the formation of spatio-temporal
more » ... s in both one- and two-dimensional oscillator lattices with periodic boundary conditions and comment on the role of dimensionality.
doi:10.1103/physreve.89.032906 pmid:24730912 fatcat:n2us6gsgw5hilfombcah3ykfsy