Helium Flow Induced Orbit Jitter at RHIC

C. Montag, P. He, L. Jia, A. Nicoletti, T. Satogata, J. Schmalzle, T. Tallerico
Proceedings of the 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference  
PHOBOS 12 o'clock Polarimeters 2 o'clock BRAHMS 4 o'clock RF 6 o'clock PHENIX Injection 8 o'clock STAR BLUE YELLOW N E S W Figure 1: Schematic overview of the RHIC colliderr with its six interaction regions. Abstract Horizontal beam orbit jitter at frequencies around 10 Hz has been observed in RHIC for several years. The distinct frequencies of this jitter have been found at superconducting low-beta quadrupole triplets around the ring, where they coincide with mechanical modes of the cold
more » ... s of the cold masses. Recently, we have identified liquid helium flow as the driving force of these oscillations.
doi:10.1109/pac.2005.1591433 fatcat:tjp2urdo7rfkvedfn2bhn7srdi