Impact Factor: 3.4 IJAR

Kunal Dhadse, Shubham Bhatt, Manan Sachdeva, Manasjyoti Das, Kunal Dhadse, Shubham Bhatt, Manan Sachdeva, Manasjyoti Das
2015 unpublished
In the world of transportation engineering there are five ways of transportation, for goods and for man. This paper is focused on introducing a sixth way of transportation that is different from Roadways, Rail Ways Airways, Waterways and tube ways. It is slightly related to the waterways of transportation and is named as canal ways. By utilizing the enormous availability of sea water in coastal cities, a more reliable and economical more of transportation can be introduced. Concept behind the
more » ... oncept behind the canal ways consist of providing canal carrying flowing seawaters from oceans and making a network of water highways on which the so designed floating carts can be drive. For making it more controllable provision of rails alongside the canal is considered. The buoyancy provided by the canal water will provide an uplift thrust and slope in the canal will provide a forward thrust. Resultant of these two forces facilitated by water to the cart will reduce the normal force between the rails and the cart and hence indirectly reducing the frictional forces involved. The cart is designed as a non-mechanically drive, the cost of operation is purely dependent on the head of water flowing in the canal. A steady flow in the canal will be provided by Tidal Dams near the shore that will be capable in driving the whole system without supply of any mechanical or electrical energy. The further detailing on design criterion as a practical point of view is described in this paper.